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How to Get a Quality Explainer Video Service

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How to Get a Quality Explainer Video Service

Now that more and more businesses are seeing the value in video explainers and similar types of digital content, production companies offering video services are also popping up like mushrooms everywhere, offering businesses with all kinds of different video styles at varying price points. This makes shortlisting quality service providers extra challenging. Here are some things to keep in mind as you try to find quality explainer video service for your campaign:


  • The key to finding a good explainer video production company is to find the right balance between company culture, creativity, expertise, and communication. Production quality is always a key variable when seeking out a video production service, but more than this, you also want to look into your prospect company’s culture and level of customer service. You want a company that cares about your business and its success as much as you do. Service providers who show genuine interest in your company and cause are far better than those who have all the right skills and tools, but see you as nothing but another lead or a task on their to-do-list. Choose production teams who take time to get to know your company and your marketing/campaign objectives.


  • Choose a company with the right culture fit—this means teams that are fun to work with and are extremely collaborative. A team that is a good fit for your own is easy to spot by the way they interact with clients and their level of receptiveness to your ideas and inputs.


  • Find an explainer video service that keeps ideas fresh and is well versed in the latest trends surrounding explainer video marketing. With the sheer number of videos circulating the world wide web today, you need a finished product that will stand out and will not drown in all the noise. A creative team will help give your video extra spunk and make it pop in a sea of substandard content.
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