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What Does Your Company Logo Design Explain About You?

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What Does Your Company Logo Design Explain About You?

Your company’s logo can very well be your branding, if it is effective in capturing the essence of what your company is all about—what you do, who you are, and what you stand for. Technically speaking, however, your logo is only one of the most important components of your entire branding strategy. It is a critical piece to the puzzle as it provides customers with a recognizable symbol by which you can instantly be identified. When creating a company logo, it is important that you have your brand strategy straight, otherwise you risk sending the wrong message across, hence weakening your entire branding campaign. You want a company logo with a message that is consistent to how you want your audiences to perceive your brand. Here are important things that your logo should say about your company:


• First, your logo should represent your brand’s identity. This means portraying your goals and values. It is precisely because brand and company logos hold such meaning that you should make sure that all these details have been clearly established before you even set out to design a company or brand logo. Clarifying the message that you want to convey through an iconic symbol is a critical part of establishing your branding strategy. This will also help create a strong association between your business and your logo.


• Your logo should reflect professionalism. No matter how large or small your company or brand maybe, you want a logo that exudes professionalism so that people will perceive your business as credible and trustworthy. Statistics say that companies with professionally designed logos are perceived as more trustworthy and professional than those who don’t show as much commitment to their brand.


• Finally, your logos should present relevance. You don’t want a company logo that can easily become outdated after just couple of years. You want a design that is timeless and can perfectly represent your company as the years go by.


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