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Top Mistakes Done While Logo Designing, Know How to Avoid Them

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Top Mistakes Done While Logo Designing, Know How to Avoid Them

A company’s logo is the most important aspect of its brand. Connecting the logo with the business gives it a stature in the market. The logo should be easy to remember and identify by an individual so that it attracts more customers. A simpler and a more visual design is easy to identify and helps build a brand value. However, it is quite easy to forget the basics and make mistakes while designing the image.

Listed below are some of the common mistakes made along with ways to avoid them. 


Using Bitmap Images

Bitmap images are resolution dependent and do not scale out well. Moreover, they can change the appearance of the logo in an unacceptable manner. The size of a bitmap image is comparatively large and compressing these images can shrink the size of the pixel data. Using raster images can solve this problem. The geographic position of the pixel on different screen sizes implies its position on the cell matrix and helps keep the image clear even on extensive zooming.

Wrong Typography

A logo having multiple fonts, varying size of text and inappropriate contrast will make the logo look dreadful. Having a clear logo that can be identified from a distance is crucial. Using the right fonts, colour contrasts and size makes the logo sophisticated, simple and memorable. To ensure this happens when you are creating a logo, limit the number of fonts to increase the legibility of the designed image.

Designing by Amateurs

Every business needs to have a professionally designed logo as it represents the company’s identity. Unpolished design makes the logo look woeful and reduces the company’s brand reputation as well. Also, ensure that the logo is not plagiarised and is in tune with the company’s profile. Opt for licensed logo design firms or affiliated professionals who can aid in the processing of premium quality logo.

Not Keeping it Simple

Complicating the design will make it fall flat. Complex design fails to represent your concept when scaled in or out and makes your creativity go waste. Keeping the design simple will enhance your creative input and make the logo legible and understandable even when printed, digitised or displayed.

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