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Custom made exhibition and large format displays for your business

At Pixelo we create engaging and eye catching large format and exhibition stands to help your UK business stand out. Our exhibition materials are all designed to be as user friendly as possible, easy to use and look fantastic. Help get your business noticed in a crowded market with Pixelo large format designs.

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Blow your competition out of the water with huge graphics, colourful displays and eye catching designs.

Super Easy

Just whip them out and pop them up. All our stands are super easy to use, even a pleb could do it.

Attention Seeker

Get your brand noticed. Whatever you can do in a busy marketplace to get attention is good in our book.


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Our displays look fantastic help you to win customers and earn a return on your investment.


At Pixelo we know the path to getting your business noticed isn’t always an easy one. Our team of designers are experts in creating large format graphics for a whole host of occasions in order to make a big impact. From Auctioneers window displays, media event backdrops, sales exhibitions and in office displays, we have the skills to make a big impact for your business.

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