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Annual Report Design in Dublin

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Annual Report Design

Your annual report is a key document for your business. It summarises the progress you have made that financial year and the obstacles you have overcome in doing business. The presentation of this work is very important in how your customers, clients and shareholders perceive the organisation. Whether it be infographics to make the information easier to digest, or lots of vibrant images to make the report more visually appealing, we at Pixelo have you covered.

Your readers have an investment in how well your business is doing, be it financial or otherwise. A well-presented annual report is both strengthening of your brand look, and also key in conveying company information.

Creating a great looking annual report is never easy, but we have it down to a fine art. Juggling lots and lots of data, often a bit too much text and images is something we thrive at and mix it all up to create the end product, a truly fine-looking annual report for your business.

If it’s your job to produce your company’s annual report, we can help. We do all the hard stuff, taking the often-cryptic information, and formatting it into the end product, a report that reads well, looks great and most importantly……portrays you in the best possible light to your workmates.

A year can be a long time in business, and it can be difficult to decide on what goes in the report and what gets the axe. We look at the overall picture, what do your investors need to know, what will give them a truly clear picture of where the business was, is and intends to be. Our professional, and experienced opinion can help you see the big picture.

Pixelo is a design company specialising in creating annual reports for Irish businesses. Our team of top-notch designers have mastered the art of the perfect annual report. By managing each stage carefully, we take the stress out of creating a pretty tough going document. We look after everything, from the design steps, right through to the final copies being dispatched from the printers ready for your clients.