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Importance of Properly Designed Logo for Brand Recognition

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Importance of Properly Designed Logo for Brand Recognition

What do major brands have in common? A lot if you dig deep, but on the surface, the most recognisable thing successful brands have in common is an iconic logo. Good logo design equates to an easy to recognise and distinguish brand. This is why it is critical for any business to have an icon that is perfectly aligned with their name, brand, goals, and purpose. In some cases, a logo that is iconic enough to make people recognize a brand represents a company just as well as one that is a perfect marriage of the above said qualities. All in all, the main purpose of a brand logo is to ensure brand recognition.


The best business logos are often the most simplistic, straightforward designs. They are versatile enough to represent your brand across different types of media and formats, be it a monochromatic newspaper ad or an interactive and colourful website. A properly designed logo is symbolic of your business and will allow customers to recognise you, with or without your company name. It makes you stand out from your competitors and gives a face to your business. This makes you more memorable to customers—new and old alike.


A business logo also helps build up client and business relationships and trust. Not only does a well-designed logo help make your business stand out, it also makes you more accessible as a business. It creates a professional impression, while cultivating trust, by providing customers a lasting image of your brand. While building your brand’s reputation is largely dependent upon the kind of products and services you provide, a brand logo solidifies trust by giving your business a strong and definite visual identity. It is an essential component of your overall brand that represents your business wherever it may appear.

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