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Company Logo Design: Importance for Brand Identity

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Company Logo Design: Importance for Brand Identity

Your company logo is the face of your business. More than a celebrity endorser or a really catchy tag line or catch phrase, a company’s logo brings to light and cement’s an organisation’s identity. It is exactly how you will best be recognised by your market. Because of this, your logo design must reflect your values, principles, and must be able to represent your brand accurately.


Logo design is vital to brand identity because it serves as a mental shortcut to your company. Take iconic car brands for instance. Car companies are recognised for their emblems, more than the models or names of the vehicles they produce. This is also why car manufacturer logos are more prominently featured, front and center on car bumpers.


The power and influence of company logos lie in their visual nature. Many studies prove that people are more inclined to the visual cues of images and can relate much faster to them than text. Today’s Instagram and YouTube driven world proves this theory stronger now more than ever. This said, randomly selecting an image for a brand logo will not create the same success as well-thought out brand logos. A badly conceived and executed logo can potentially ruin your image as a company and make your organisation look less professional and less credible. A carefully thought up and professionally designed logo is an effective communicator of your company’s worth as well as the image you want to portray for your brand.


A company logo creates your brand’s image and in corporate marketing, image is everything. A bold, imposing logo, for instance, reflects aggressiveness, dependability, and solidity, while more delicate designs evoke compassion and softness. These are the kinds of things that you should consider when designing a company logo that reflects what your company or organisation stands for.

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