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Common Mistakes When Designing a Company Logo Design in Ireland

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Common Mistakes When Designing a Company Logo Design in Ireland

Logos are crucial pieces of marketing asset that businesses use to represent their brand, wherever they appear. Logos ought to be iconic. They ought to look professional, well-thought of, and skillfully executed, otherwise they won’t be as effective in representing your company. In fact, a poorly designed logo can affect the way that customers perceive your brand. Needless to say, if your logo looks unprofessional, customers may see your company as such and opt for a rival company that they perceive to be more professional and trustworthy. This is why you should take logo design seriously. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when designing a company logo:


  • Cheap logo packages are not the best idea, if you want a logo that gives the right first impression toward customers. Like many things, you get what you pay for when it comes to logo design. A cheap logo package, could therefore mean cheaply done logo design—amateurish and a hit or miss as opposed to a reasonably priced professional package that guarantees quality.


  • Following logo trends are also something you should think twice about. Trends come and go, which means following them essentially puts a sell-by-date on your logo design. What you want is something timeless and iconic—a logo that can represent your company for the rest of time. This will also save you a great deal on having to re-design and update your logo from time to time, just so it won’t look dated.


  • Choose vector over raster images. This is graphic design 101. Rasterized images can’t be scaled to any size without affecting quality, whereas vector images can be enlarged or reduced without losing quality. Vector also makes editing and adapting the logo to different media a lot easier.


  • Skip stock art. Insisting on a DIY logo or something that is designed by an amateur often results in subpar designs that resort to using stock images, which could be subject to copyright laws when used in logos. This is also one of the main reasons you want a professional who is well versed in industry regulations to design your corporate logo/ID.
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