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Approaching the Right Company Logo Design Firm – What to Look For?

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Approaching the Right Company Logo Design Firm – What to Look For?

Your company’s logo speaks volumes about your company’s image and the personality. Creating a well-designed logo that can be used in a variety of formats must also be memorable to anyone who sees it. The right company logo design firm can help you pave the way for the process of unleashing your ideas through their creative talent.

Try to look for logo design firms which can meet your company’s needs and expectations. Seek referrals and recommendations from other trustworthy business contacts. Take some time to research the design firms that made the logos you like. Search the Internet for some interesting logo design firms or turn to the yellow pages for a local or regional firm.

Browse through the portfolios of design firms you are considering. Instead of quantity, look for quality in their work. Go through the portfolio personally and with a representative from the design firm so you can get an idea about why a particular logo was included in the portfolio. The reason behind its design, colours, and other elements can give you a valuable insight about how much they care and know about a client’s needs.

The logo design firm must ask you relevant questions about your company history, goals, services and products, target audience, and competitors. If the logo design firm shows an interest in your business and professional goals, their engagement level will afford for more creativity and energy.

Ask for references and check for client testimonials on their website. Go through the testimonials carefully including the client’s name, company, and website. Prepare a list of questions to ask, including the firm’s attention to detail and deadlines, communication process, and final results.

The final contract should include the cost and deadlines. Ensure that the finished logo can be reproduced on a variety of media in different formats and sizes. Calculate the number of actual design work hours that the logo design firm will require. Account for the number of designers allocated to working on your project. This will eventually give you a better estimate of the value for money that you will get from the logo design firm.

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