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Logo, Brochure & Graphic Design Services

Branding & Marketing Materials for Small Businesses in Ireland

Logo Design

A strong logo is the crux of all your branding. Make sure you stand out in the Irish market with the best possible logo design.

Large Format

Pull up banners, media walls, whatever you want to get your brand noticed, we have the large format solution.

Brochure Design

There are many Irish companies out there than don't invest in a quality brochure. Make sure you aren't one of them, don't miss out.

Web Design

Having an effective online presence is vital to your success in the competitive Irish marketplace.

Animated Explainers

Convert site browsers into paying customers with one of our animated explainers. There is no one in Ireland that makes them better.


Consistently excellent branding right across your range of materials is a sure fire way to re-enforce your brand image.



Most design companies charge a lot for design, we don’t. We are conscious of what Irish SME’s can afford and squeeze every last drop of design out of every last Euro.


We don’t just design, we get the business game too. You want branded material that is going to help give a return on your investment. How our designs can benefit your bottom line is at the core of everything we do.

Long Term

We plan to be around for a long time, and want to grow and flourish along side you, that is why it pays to invest in relationships. The more effort we put into your brand, the more return for you, the more work for us. Happy days !



When you are bogged down with day to day work, it can be hard for Irish small business owners to think of the big picture. Our Business Growth Checklist is a quick, easy guide to staying on track with your business growth and development.



We make you look good

Most design agencies are like the really cool kids from secondary school that you were too nervous to talk to, pretty unapproachable and aloof. Well, we do away with all of that nonsense. We are a straight talking design company with one goal in mind – to make your business look as good as possible, help make you more revenue and improve your brand recognition, all at a price you can well afford.

Pixelo Design is a professional graphic design firm specializing in logo design, brochure design, visual and graphic design, web design, animated explainer videos,branding and custom marketing materials for small businesses and startups in Ireland and Australia.

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We serve the following locations:
Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, Limerick
Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow

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